la passione per la natura

Special offers

Overview for 2017

soul food - wild asparagus

Purification and detox

25th of March to 7th of April

Easter at Terra Selvatica

From the 8th to 18th of April we celebrate spring time

Offer of 4 or 7 days

On the tracks of St Francis


6th to 13th of May

soul food - eatable wild plants

Bitter-sweet beauty

2nd to 9th of June, Pentecost, offer for 4 or 7 days

soul food - wild cherries

The variety of life

10th to 17th of June

Umbria Jazz Festival

offer for 4 days

7th to 16th of July

soul food - abundant harvest

Preserve abundance

9th to 16th of September


Europe's biggest chocolate exhibition

15th to 22nd of October, offer for 4 or 7 days

soul food - truffles

Imbedded in the earth

25th to 29th of October

Olive harvest

The original

4th to 18th of November

Natale nella rocca

Christmas market ind the old city wall of Perugia

From the 9th of December onward